Friday, 25 October 2013

Mini Autumn Haul

 photo haul4_zps82921baa.jpg
Purse - Miss Melody London
Nude Bow Pumps - Primark
Black Velvet Tassle Pumps - Primark
Nude Eyelash Cardigan - Primark
 photo Haul2_zpscec44210.jpg
Hello! Recently I've made a couple of purchases so I thought I would do a mini Autumn haul to show you. All of the items - minus the purse which was a gift - are from Primark, meaning they are very affordable! I needed some new flats since my last pair were worn to the death, even though Primark shoes don't last too long, I prefer to buy a few pairs at a time throughout the seasons. Variety is the spice of life they say! I stuck with a practical black pair & a not so practical nudey blush pink pair. Comfy & very cheap for only £5 a pair (If my memory serves me well!). In the pictures above, you may of noticed the purse which was given to me from my Mum & her partner on their recent holiday to Wales. I've had a similar purse like this in the past (dark purple patent faux snakeskin) & I do rather love it! It's a really cute & compact purse, but at the same time very organised! There are definitive sections for cards, coins & notes which is ideal since I always get them mixed up. It also fits perfectly in my day to day heart bag. My Mum told me you are able to purchase these online & there are many many different colour combinations, so if you like it go take a look!
 photo Haul3_zps2c628a1b.jpg  photo Haul_zpsbb7d5ed5.jpg
I also couldn't resist a blush pink eyelash oversized cardigan. Since the weather in England is getting colder, I needed to get some cosy knitwear. This certainly does the job! I bought a size 20 as it was the last largest size left, now since I'm a 26 this cardigan fits well - I would of preferred it to be a tad more oversized, which the 22 would of done. I believe this cost £12-15. Good value for something so soft and warm!
 photo Haul1_zpscadb5b3f.jpg  photo dqdqdq.jpg

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Instagram #15

Hi everyone. I am sorry for being absent most of August, unfortunately my flat had an investation of flying ants, so things have been VERY hectic at home. This meant that it was harder to blog and take photos, where I'd planned to do another room tour. I may well do one now since the ants haven't returned after the treatment, however my room is in a totally different layout due to the area where the ants were. Let me know if you would like me to take some snaps anywho. :) To fill the time until I can post more, here's another Instagram post. You can follow me @buttonlove on Instagram.

Sunbathing Button & Walter // Outing to Pets at Home in her Minnie harness set // Walkies in Whippendale Woods // Pets at Home haul // Harriet loves her big brother Button // New Orb ball // Bed made with fresh bedding // The motley crew // Walkies // New coat

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lady Harriet Barbie OOTD

I hope you are all enjoying the start of your weekend! If any of you love Barbie & doggies then please go visit my little girls blog. We just received this beautiful hand made jumper from Dolly's Designs on Facebook. We purchased the jumper ourselves, but it was too good not to share!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Instagram #14

Since I have been absent these past few months, I thought I would update you all in no easier way than pictures! A lot has been going on including, Harriet being neutered, we went on holiday & the saddest part, Mr Socks' one year anniversary arrived. If you don't know what happened to him you can read this post here. I can't say I feel any less hurt by the loss of him, I've just found better ways to distract myself - mainly Harriet. I seem to absorb myself in those closest to me & focusing my attention solely on my little Princess, really has helped. I don't know where I'd be without her :) You can also read the post when I got Harriet.

Cutest sewing box & accessories from my Mum // Button got a new bed! // I dyed Harriet's tail pastel pink (dog safe dye) // Moi // Enjoying the breeze in her Doggles // Bought my favourite PC game as a kid!// We went on holiday // Playing peekaboo in her Louis Dog Peekaboo house // Harriet got neutered & had her booster jab // Mr Socks' one year anniversary

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pets At Home Review With Harriet

Since bringing Harriet home, it has been my mission to find the cutest pet accessories & find the best places to shop for my pooch! Pets at Home has been a firm favourite of mine for a few years now, (Since I have owned rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils & cats!) so it was my pleasure to accept a few items for Harriet & I to review. I decided to choose a matching collar & lead set, and a cute faux fur throw.
When I opened the package up, I was really impressed with the quality from all three products. The collar & lead are MUCH nicer in real life & the photos on the website do not give them justice. I fell in love with how the colour complimented Harriet's coat so well. We chose size XX Small for the collar & the sizing was perfect for her tiny neck. Since she is so fluffy, it was hard to see the details, but luckily the lead mirrors the diamante bones & the ostrich design. One of my favourite features of the collar is that your chosen ID Tag can be attached at the front, which in my opinion is really cute!
The throw (as pictured) is super soft & Harriet fell in love with it straight away. She is actually fast asleep on it as I type. I chose it deliberately as I never seem to have enough blankets for Harriet, please tell me I'm not the only one! Haha! I have been looking for quite a while for a faux fur one & when I saw this on the website, I was just completely smitten I had to choose it! It is also the perfect size for her which makes it practical & stylish. Both Harriet & I are really pleased with all of our items & the quality of them which really stands out for the small price they all cost. I hope you have enjoyed these little snaps! Until next time...

*This post was in collaboration with Pets at Home

Monday, 29 July 2013

Caseable Laptop Review

A couple of weeks ago, Caseable asked me if I would be interested in reviewing & designing any of their products. Since my laptop has worked rather hard throughout my years of blogging, I thought it would be the perfect chance to treat it to it's own personalised bag! Since I enjoy being creative, I took the 'Design your own' option & got to work on choosing some images of my little Princess, Harriet (Surprise surprise! Hehe). I chose to add some quotes from my favourite Disney film, Sleeping Beauty. If you love my design as much as I do, you can order the same here.
Caseable offer a range of different cases for iPhones to laptop bags, the choice is virtually endless! As my particular laptop is 15.5" wide, I chose the 15-16" option which fits perfectly. Each case is made of recycled materials & hand-crafted to a high quality. The fabric is super soft and has enough padding to protect your laptop from any bumps in transit, along with a heavy duty zip! My only concern is that the colours on the print, appear more vivid in real life. This is a common problem with screen settings so could be avoided when designing your own. Overall though, the case has a massive thumbs up from me & my now cosy laptop!

Harriet approves too!

*This post was in collaboration with Caseable
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