Monday, 29 July 2013

Caseable Laptop Review

A couple of weeks ago, Caseable asked me if I would be interested in reviewing & designing any of their products. Since my laptop has worked rather hard throughout my years of blogging, I thought it would be the perfect chance to treat it to it's own personalised bag! Since I enjoy being creative, I took the 'Design your own' option & got to work on choosing some images of my little Princess, Harriet (Surprise surprise! Hehe). I chose to add some quotes from my favourite Disney film, Sleeping Beauty. If you love my design as much as I do, you can order the same here.
Caseable offer a range of different cases for iPhones to laptop bags, the choice is virtually endless! As my particular laptop is 15.5" wide, I chose the 15-16" option which fits perfectly. Each case is made of recycled materials & hand-crafted to a high quality. The fabric is super soft and has enough padding to protect your laptop from any bumps in transit, along with a heavy duty zip! My only concern is that the colours on the print, appear more vivid in real life. This is a common problem with screen settings so could be avoided when designing your own. Overall though, the case has a massive thumbs up from me & my now cosy laptop!

Harriet approves too!

*This post was in collaboration with Caseable


  1. Adorable bag! Now I want to order one!

  2. Your dog is so cute!

  3. Awww! This is the best sleeve I have ever seen. Freaking cute! Love it and your puppy!


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