Thursday, 1 August 2013

Instagram #14

Since I have been absent these past few months, I thought I would update you all in no easier way than pictures! A lot has been going on including, Harriet being neutered, we went on holiday & the saddest part, Mr Socks' one year anniversary arrived. If you don't know what happened to him you can read this post here. I can't say I feel any less hurt by the loss of him, I've just found better ways to distract myself - mainly Harriet. I seem to absorb myself in those closest to me & focusing my attention solely on my little Princess, really has helped. I don't know where I'd be without her :) You can also read the post when I got Harriet.

Cutest sewing box & accessories from my Mum // Button got a new bed! // I dyed Harriet's tail pastel pink (dog safe dye) // Moi // Enjoying the breeze in her Doggles // Bought my favourite PC game as a kid!// We went on holiday // Playing peekaboo in her Louis Dog Peekaboo house // Harriet got neutered & had her booster jab // Mr Socks' one year anniversary


Thank you for commenting! I will try to answer everyone's questions asked :) I really appreciative everyone taking the time to read my blog :) Love Charlotte xx

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