Thursday, 5 September 2013

Instagram #15

Hi everyone. I am sorry for being absent most of August, unfortunately my flat had an investation of flying ants, so things have been VERY hectic at home. This meant that it was harder to blog and take photos, where I'd planned to do another room tour. I may well do one now since the ants haven't returned after the treatment, however my room is in a totally different layout due to the area where the ants were. Let me know if you would like me to take some snaps anywho. :) To fill the time until I can post more, here's another Instagram post. You can follow me @buttonlove on Instagram.

Sunbathing Button & Walter // Outing to Pets at Home in her Minnie harness set // Walkies in Whippendale Woods // Pets at Home haul // Harriet loves her big brother Button // New Orb ball // Bed made with fresh bedding // The motley crew // Walkies // New coat


  1. What a cute dog!


  2. Awe I love your Instagram and your dog is ADORABLE!


Thank you for commenting! I will try to answer everyone's questions asked :) I really appreciative everyone taking the time to read my blog :) Love Charlotte xx

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