Friday, 25 October 2013

Mini Autumn Haul

 photo haul4_zps82921baa.jpg
Purse - Miss Melody London
Nude Bow Pumps - Primark
Black Velvet Tassle Pumps - Primark
Nude Eyelash Cardigan - Primark
 photo Haul2_zpscec44210.jpg
Hello! Recently I've made a couple of purchases so I thought I would do a mini Autumn haul to show you. All of the items - minus the purse which was a gift - are from Primark, meaning they are very affordable! I needed some new flats since my last pair were worn to the death, even though Primark shoes don't last too long, I prefer to buy a few pairs at a time throughout the seasons. Variety is the spice of life they say! I stuck with a practical black pair & a not so practical nudey blush pink pair. Comfy & very cheap for only £5 a pair (If my memory serves me well!). In the pictures above, you may of noticed the purse which was given to me from my Mum & her partner on their recent holiday to Wales. I've had a similar purse like this in the past (dark purple patent faux snakeskin) & I do rather love it! It's a really cute & compact purse, but at the same time very organised! There are definitive sections for cards, coins & notes which is ideal since I always get them mixed up. It also fits perfectly in my day to day heart bag. My Mum told me you are able to purchase these online & there are many many different colour combinations, so if you like it go take a look!
 photo Haul3_zps2c628a1b.jpg  photo Haul_zpsbb7d5ed5.jpg
I also couldn't resist a blush pink eyelash oversized cardigan. Since the weather in England is getting colder, I needed to get some cosy knitwear. This certainly does the job! I bought a size 20 as it was the last largest size left, now since I'm a 26 this cardigan fits well - I would of preferred it to be a tad more oversized, which the 22 would of done. I believe this cost £12-15. Good value for something so soft and warm!
 photo Haul1_zpscadb5b3f.jpg  photo dqdqdq.jpg


  1. Charlotte...I have missed your postings! Loved everything you got! I would totally buy it all! Have a beautiful weekend! Amanda

  2. Charlotte jesteś piękną młodą kobietą. Masz wyczucie stylu ale dlaczego robisz sobie tak wielką krzywdę? Nigdy nie myślałaś o tym aby schudnąć? Robisz sobie krzywdę a za parę lat ten problem może być jeszcze większy. Pomyśl jak mogło by twoje życie wyglądać gdybyś schudła. Założę się, że masz dużo problemów zdrowotnych. Schudnij dla samej siebie. Proszę!

  3. please start blogging again


Thank you for commenting! I will try to answer everyone's questions asked :) I really appreciative everyone taking the time to read my blog :) Love Charlotte xx

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